Artzee Liquid Sealer is an all in one rock hard weather-resistant art medium that dries to a matt finish with a low luster.

Artzee Liquid Sealer seals and hardens a variety of art and crafts: air dry clay sculpture, ceramics, clay, fabric, leather, paper mache, wood, gourds, metal, stone, and many other creative projects.

Artzee Liquid Sealer is a Non-Toxic liquid medium ready for use for all ages available in 6 colors.
Use alone or with Bronzee Liquid Finish and GlazeĀ Ez Waterproof Sealant. Certified ASTM-D 4236 Consumer Safe

How to Use Artzee Liquid Sealer

Step 1
Shake product before use.
Wear protective gloves.
Pour into container and add 25%
water for the first coating.
Use a flexible brush.

Step 2
Mix Artzee Liquid Sealer and water.
Apply 1st coat. Let dry completely. Apply 2nd coat with or without 25% water. Let dry completely.

Step 3
Repeat steps 1 and 2 as desired.
The more coatings you apply the smoother and richer
your project will appear.
Finish with Bronzee Liquid Finish if desired.

Projects Using Artzee Liquid Sealer