Diann painting the HummingbirdMother of Invention – The Creation of Bronzee Finish.

It may be a cliche, but it’s a familiar story among artists. If they can’t find the “thing” – the gadget, medium, substrate, or tool – that does the trick, they”ll invent it. That is just what I did!

Nine years ago, I started sculpting with air-dry and polymer clay. I would have loved to cast my oversized hummingbirds and ravens in bronze, but I couldn’t afford it. I decided to go a different route and find an art medium that would imitate bronze: a ‘poor man’s bronze’ if you will. ” I needed a medium that I could apply to do three things: dry rock hard, protect the outdoor garden sculptures, and look like real bronze.

Thanks to my chemistry background, I had the confidence to test and formulate a product that would meet my needs. I started mixing dry goods, liquids, and solid mediums to produce different effects, and after three years the formula I call BRONZEE was perfected. I sealed my air-dry clay sculptures in it and began to sell them to galleries. To my delight, they looked as if they had been cast in a bronze foundry.

It was at that moment that I decided to manufacture the medium and bring it to market so other artists could showcase their work in a bronze-like form without the expense. Bronzee adheres to all porous materials such as air dry and polymer clay, canvas, fabric, metal, gourd art, paper, stone, and more.

I hope you enjoy the Instructional videos “Bronzee it Yourself Baby Shoe Kit” and “Bronzee it Yourself, Cowboy Boots!”

Thank you for reading!

Diann Kincaid