Artzee Liquid Sealer bottles showing different sizes

Artzee Liquid Sealer

Artzee Liquid Sealer smooths and hardens all porous surfaces!

“Artzee” is a sealer, hardener, prep and finish product.  Recommended use on a variety of fine art and craft projects.


Bronzee Liquid Finish

A revolutionary art medium that dries to a lustrous bronze enamel finish that looks and feels like real bronze.

“Bronzee” is a sealer, hardener, and a finish liquid medium. It is more than a paint! The rich bronze finish colors can be layered and combined for endless creative possibilities.

Glaze Ez Waterproof Sealant

The quick-dry water-based emulsion dries rock hard for long-lasting waterproof protection.

Glaze Ez is a waterproof sealant formulated to keep artwork protected from outdoor elements.


Bronzee Liquid Finish founded in 2014 manufactures Artzee Liquid Sealer,

Bronzee Liquid Finish and Glaze Ez Waterproof Sealant for artist worldwide.

The Revolutionary art mediums seal, harden, finish, and protect all porous surfaces.

Certified ASTM-D 4236 Consumer Safe

Made in the USA

Group picture of Artzee Bronzee and Glaze Ez