The Sedona Spirits

The Sedona Spirits Collection replicates the Kachina doll created by the Hopi Indians in the mid-1800’s. Each sculpted silhouette tells a story representing the Hopi life and their longing to be people of peace.
The Sedona Spirits Braves – young and old – are sculpted with textured drapes representing strength and honor. The single and double drapes symbolize admiral bravery.
The Sedona Spirits Maidens are fashioned with simple lines of textured dress, offering drapes symbolizing prosperity, fulfillment and long life.
Precious stones of Ruby, Garnet, Opal, Amethyst, and semi-precious stones of Pearl, Sunstone, Turquoise and Peridot are inlaid to represent the love for adornment of both the Braves and Maidens.

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