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The Pony
Elsi the Cow
photo of the ponies tail
Golden Doodle Sculpture
Bronzee Hummingbird Sculpture
The Four Kachina Men
The Raven Collection
Timber Statue Detail Shot
Timbers detail shot
Evergreen Sculpture Detail
Goldendoodle Studio Helper

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Long-Stemmed Rose horizontal photo

Unleash your boundless creativity with the magical medium of fiber clay and transform it into breathtaking Long-Stemmed Roses. Delve into the enchanting world of crafting botanical masterpieces and infuse everlasting beauty into every petal. Embark on this captivating artistic journey and unravel your full artistic potential. Take the first step now, and join us in creating pure artistic magic.


Photo of the ponies face

Unleash your artistic potential and unlock the secrets of sculpting Ponies and Horses with Fiber Clay.  Immerse yourself in the intricate details and techniques of this versatile medium, and witness your creations unfold before your eyes. Start sculpting your own masterpiece today.



The Sculpture Angels Picture

Unleash your creativity and sculpt a captivating Angel using Fiber Clay. Learn the intricate techniques and masterful craftsmanship behind this divine art form. Discover the secrets to bring this ethereal masterpiece to life. Dive into the world of sculpting and elevate your skills. View Details for an enchanting journey into this captivating art. 



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